Somatic Connections

Prairie Wolfe, CSB, SEP

Phone Number: (406) 546-6017
Profession: Other
Additional Professions: Doula



127 N Higgins Ave Missoula, MT USA

Completed IBH Courses

Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant BodyHolistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body


In two years of working with Prairie I have been able to heal and feel more of myself than I have in the past 15 years of medical and therapeutic professionals. She routinely guides me in not only accessing, but also processing, long forgotten memories, while staying embodied and rooted in my present experience. 
Prairie has helped me to explore my sexuality and relationship with my physical body. Through somatic experiencing practices I am able to not just think about, but feel into what is happening in my living, what I need, what my desires are, and how to allow free expression. My sessions with Prairie as well as the resources and information she routinely offers have been vital to the wellbeing of my current and future relationships. 
Prairie provides a healing work, healing touch; a masterful balance between holding what is, and encouraging what is becoming to grow. In contrast, to the mechanistic sterility of modern medicine, Prairie’s sessions feel like my sustainable sanctuary; the place I go for deep nourishment and trustworthy holding. With finesse, she offers a diverse blend of arts in each of our sessions, allowing a collaborative, fresh, and dynamic approach to each of our meetings. I often leave our sessions, only to realize that the work we did continues to live and move within me, rippling and integrating into my life. 

Prairie is incredibly intuitive and compassionate making her an easy person to reccomend in this community. She offered care (while being attentive to keeping me and my family covid-safe) and paid close attention to ME and my experience while I navigated the postpartum experience. I have so much gratitude for the work she is doing and how it is being done with love, curiosity and respect. Missoula is lucky to have Prairie and the expertise she offers.

Prairie was incredibly professional, kind, and knowledgeable. She offered such excellent care I couldn’t help but rave about my appointment to all my friends afterward.

Such high quality care is so rarely offered at such an affordable price too. Can’t speak highly enough about my experience.

The depth of knowledge and understanding about my concerns is what impressed me the most.

Prairie is such a wonderful human. She really takes the time to recognize and value my humanness and has helped me tremendously with all my ailments and struggles. This is what healing care should look like. I really can’t say enough good things about how incredible and impactful her work is in my life. Thank you, Prairie!

I have been working with Prairie for 15 months and feel so blessed and grateful. The first day we spoke I felt immediately safe, and I had been searching for a practitioner for quite some time. Prairie holds me and our sessions together with the utmost love and respect. Her loving witnessing and guidance has helped me to deepen my love for myself and unwind some deeply held patterns that were really hard to deal with. Our continued work together gives me space to breathe, process, be held and hold myself. I feel so much more connected to myself and loving towards myself. My relationship and communication with my partner has so much more ease and flow and joy, and I have every day tools I can call on to support me in coming back to myself and navigating tough stuff. Thank you Prairie, these words really don’t cut what our work has done for me. I love you!