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Nicole Bulow, PT, CFTM, DPT, ATCH

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Profession: Physical Therapist



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SolFuel is raising the standard of care for pregnant and postpartum people.

We offer 1:1 hands-on physical therapy that treats your body as the interconnected system that it is. By working holistically we optimize the functioning of your entire system allowing you to have a more comfortable pregnancy, smoother birth, and easier postpartum recovery. 

We partner with you every step of the way from conception to birth and beyond to educate, support and empower you to feel strong and confident during this transformative time.


Practice Description


Every body has a history and that story can impact fertility and conception. 

Everything from a tailbone injury to abdominal surgery to GI distress can influence conception. 

We are here to rewrite the story of your body and prepare the vessel (your body) for conception and pregnancy. 


Giving birth is one of the most physically demanding athletic endeavors you will encounter in your lifetime. 

Together we will prepare you for this transformational event. 

As a team we will support your training, ensure that you feel good in your changing body, and help you cross the finish line with comfort and ease. 


How do you get back to doing what you love after your baby is born without getting sidelined by injury or slowed down by pelvic floor challenges? 

Your body has transformed and this is your opportunity to build it back stronger than it ever was before. 

We will partner with you every step of the way, from your reconnection to your pelvic floor & core to whatever finish line or mountain top you are aiming for! 

Completed IBH Courses

Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant BodyHolistic Treatment of the Postpartum BodyHolistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body ExternalHolistic Treatment of the Advanced Postpartum Body


“Working with Nicole was life changing…and resolved my back pain during pregnancy.”

“Nicole is a miracle worker. I cannot express enough how appreciative I am for her help. I had a very tough pregnancy and she was able to help me find some relief and bounce back quickly after childbirth. Her approach to PT is to listen carefully, take a holistic view of the body and explain how things are interconnected (often in surprising ways), and to provide hands-on manipulation for immediate relief.”