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Laurie Hutt Katz, PT

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1160 Kensington Rd
New Jersey
United States of America
**Telehealth offered throughout NJ and NY**

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I have dealt with urge urinary incontinence (UUI) since I was a child, stress urinary incontinence (SUI) after I had my 2 children, and more recently (I’m 63 years old now), tight pelvic floor muscles which make it difficult to start, and continue, the stream of urine. I only recently sought out pelvic floor PT to address these issues. As a PT myself, I know how effective physical therapy can be for other body parts that aren’t working as well as they could be. Luckily, I found Laurie Hutt Katz and wanted to give virtual PT a try. I couldn’t be happier with the results. All my issues are resolved—no more leaking and no more straining to start the flow. Most importantly, I can now lift, play, and run around with my 4 grandchildren without fear of leaking. Laurie taught me breathing and relaxation techniques and exercises to help me get in touch with my body and move more efficiently. I feel so empowered that I have now have control of my pelvic muscles. They tighten when they need to, and they relax when they need to—when I want them to! This was accomplished in the privacy of my own home via Zoom. Laurie listened to my history—really listened—and observed me in sitting, standing, and lying down, and thoughtfully came up with plan of care. I felt so well-cared for, and Laurie knew exactly what I needed each time we “met.”

I was skeptical about physical therapy after many treatments did not help me with my post c-section complications but decided to give it a try as my OBGYN recommended. Luckily, I got to Laurie Hutt Katz and with just a few simple exercises and recommendations made a huge impact on my body. After just a few days I started to notice the difference. Would definitely recommend and come back myself should I ever need help again. Thank you Laurie for your help!

Dr. Laurie was amazing! She was very friendly and warm. Made me feel comfortable as this was my first time ever attending a physical therapy appointment. She provided me with some great, simple exercises to do at home/work/school for my affected areas.

Laurie has restored my faith in healthcare professionals. She was funny, patient, and inquisitive. I look forward to a strong recovery with her guidance!

Having been diagnosed 2 years ago with an illness that left my body in constant pain but also on medication that hurt my joints as well, I figured it was time for a new approach. My doctor recommended physical therapy and I found Dr. Laurie Hutt Katz. Dr. Hutt Katz is excellent! And also makes sure that you’re following the plan and performing the exercises properly. Highly recommend!