The Perinatal Pelvis

Kyrsten Spurrier, OTR/L

Phone Number: 919-275-2545
Profession: Occupational Therapist



241 St. Marys Road

Practice Description

Hi my name is Kyrsten and I believe every mom should feel strong, functional and confident in their body.
At the Perinatal Pelvis we help pregnant individuals with all the aches and pains that happen as that baby is growing as well as feeling very prepared for delivery.  We also help individuals during their postpartum journey with pain, any leaking that you may be having, any delivery complications that you may have experienced as well as returning to exercise so you can feel strong in your body once again.
I am also a Certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist which helps me progress mother’s exercises in a safe and effective way.
The Perinatal Pelvis was created to provide a place where moms feel empowered, educated and supported to heal in the ways that they need.
I want to help you in your journey, please take care of yourself and know that you are worth the time and investment to feel good in your own body.

Completed IBH Courses

Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant BodyHolistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body


“Kyrsten’s philosophy seemed to focus on full healing versus getting to a point of ‘good enough’. The focus of integrating breathing and mental health with traditional therapy seemed like a better fit for me when compared to other pelvic floor therapy I have tried.”

“What surprised me the most about working with Kyrsten is how holistic her services were and realizing that my trauma was relevant.”

“The biggest transformation I saw was understanding so much more about my body and pelvic floor, learning what it takes to truly heal after birth and then seeing these things happen over the time of visiting Kyrsten. This helped my life in multiple ways including less pain for myself, a deeper understanding with my husband of what was going on with my body which positively impacted our relationship and being a better mama because I was also being poured into!”

“I very much loved your patience, how much you listened and validated my concerns, and how much you honestly tried to limit my discomfort and teach me how to heal in a way I could understand. I wanted to work with someone who made me feel like I was healing, rather than reacting to a crisis (which is how healthcare in this country constantly feels), and I really felt like you focused on me as a whole person, rather than just my delivery experience.”