Arancia Physical Therapy

Dr. Jessica L. Papa, PT, DPT

Phone Number: 401-602-7006
Profession: Physical Therapist
Additional Professions: Physical Therapist



190 Midway Rd.
Rhode Island

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Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant BodyHolistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body


“After having my child 2.5 years ago I just knew I didn’t heal perfectly “down there”. Constant pain among other symptoms I brought up and got looked over by my OBGYN, I took matters into my own hands and did a ton of research and realized I must have some serious issues with my pelvic floor after giving birth. This led me to find Dr Jess. After our first call which was so attentive and detailed and comfortable I had finally hoped I found exactly what I was needing, after the first 90 visit I knew Dr Jess was absolutely the missing link to all of my solutions. Ten sessions in I feel like a new person literally but results started IMMEDIATELY.
It’s so hard talking about things like this especially so young but it is so so important and Dr Jess makes it soooo normal. I couldn’t thank or recommend her enough!” ~ Jaclyn Sweet






Dr. Papa is an expert in women’s health. Her virtual visits are incredible. If you don’t live nearby I would highly recommend doing a remote consult, it is totally worth it!! Highly recommended!! ~ Lauren Welch


Having been to more traditional physical therapy- Arancia physical therapy is the next level! The holistic, individualized, and informative approach provided rapid results. From the moment of the first phone call and throughout the treatment episode, the staff were compassionate, knowledgeable, personable, and kind. I sought treatment for a specific issue and we soon realized that the initial concern was only a piece of the puzzle – my hip misalignment was causing over-compensation and compression throughout. Not only was my original complaint resolved (in 4 weeks!), my body alignment corrected and, more importantly, has MAINTAINED. Dr Jess gives practical tools that are easy to do and integrate into your lifestyle. My exercise routine and overall health has improved greatly. I am so grateful for Arancia PT. I plan to continue ongoing treatment to ensure my mind and body are strong and connected. I personally believe that every person can benefit from myofascial release therapy. ~ Dr. Tara Bogs

I sought care from Arancia Physical Therapy because of postpartum pelvic pain and discomfort. Dr. Papa did a thorough assessment and together we came up with treatment goals (which for me, in addition to my pelvic pain, was to treat my chronic neck pain and stiffness). I started treatment just about a month ago and I have already seen tremendous progress in both areas. In fact, I have experienced more progress now in regards to my chronic neck pain than I experienced during 3 previous rounds of physical therapy with other practitioners. Dr. Papa is extremely professional and I have always felt comfortable around her. She has been the most helpful aspect of my postpartum recovery; honestly, I wish I had started seeing her when I was still pregnant! I am so glad I found Arancia Physical Therapy and would highly recommend her practice to anyone seeking physical therapy, especially pelvic floor physical therapy or anyone experiencing postpartum complications. ~ Crosby Modrowski

I went to see Dr. Jess after 3 years of dealing with chronic pelvic pain from an old injury. After not getting the help I needed from my gynecologist, I looked into other options. It was at my first appointment that I learned the frequent headaches I was getting were also tied into it. Dr. Jess takes the time to explain everything that’s she’s doing, why she’s doing it, and how it will help. Obviously, dealing with pelvic floor issues can make you feel anxious or uneasy, but Dr. Jess makes you feel comfortable and safe. Since my first 10 sessions with her, my chronic pelvic pain is almost non-existent. Dr. Jess will provide you with stretches to do at home to keep you on track until your next session. I recommend her to anyone looking to get relief from chronic pain. ~ Kathryn Casey