Art of Health Physical Therapy, PC

Charmaine Quijano, PT, DPT

Phone Number: 917-620-7672
Profession: Physical Therapist



303 5th Avenue
Suite 1711
New York

Services and Fees

Each one-on-one session is about 60 minutes in duration by appointment only.  Fee for service $225/session; receipt provided to clients with out of network coverage available upon request.

Practice Description

I have been in clinical practice as a Physical Therapist since 1996 and currently own a ‘fee for service” outpatient clinic with focus on the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and myofascial pain. My sessions are personalized and tailored to the client’s specific needs utilizing specialized manual therapy techniques that I have learned by completing over 100 continuing education courses from John Barnes, Upledger/Barral Instute, Institute for Birth & Healing, Arvigo Institute, Institute of Physical Art & Jones Institute to name a few throughout my career. My holistic treatment approach, along with my belief that I am here to “facilitate” and guide my clients in their healing journey has allowed me to help them regain control, restore balance and reclaim their overall “art of health”.

Completed IBH Courses

Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant BodyHolistic Treatment of the Postpartum BodyHolistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body ExternalHolistic Treatment of the Advanced Postpartum Body


“Charmaine exceeded our expectations! She is all I could have hoped for in a physical therapist. She truly cares about her clients. I was thoroughly impressed with the progress after each session. Her calm, supportive manner and expertise made the recovery process much less painful and successful. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her!” (BB)







“I can not say enough good things about Charmaine and her magic hands. Charmaine is an extremely knowledgeable physical therapist who takes the time to individually craft a PT program for each patent,. As my condition changed, Charmaine developed a program to respond to that change. I was recovering from a significant spinal cord, throughout my period of treatment,Charmaine was warm and supportive throughout that very difficult times. Charmaine was essential to my recovery.” (Diane)

“Charmaine helped me through a variety of injuries and chronic problems. She was always fully attentive to both my words and my body, to which she listened and which she observed with great analytical skill. She was consistent in her treatment and creative in her approach to returning me to a pain-free and functional life. This, while she established a warm and comforting environment that allowed my physical therapy experience to be productive. I would strongly recommend her as a wise and responsible practitioner to those in need of physical rehabilitation.” (Judith)


“My wife has been suffering from chronic fibromyalgia pain for the past 12 years. I had been searching through all types of pain management treatments including acupuncture to help her…but none have made a significant difference. Overall she has pain in the joints and muscular upper back and legs causing daily discomfort and poor sleep at night. In my research I came upon myofascial pain syndrome which is a chronic pain disorder caused by sensitivity and tightness in the myofascial tissues. These tissues surround and support the muscles throughout your body. The pain usually originates from specific points within the myofascial tissues called “trigger points.” I knew I made a connection between fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. I accompanied my wife for the consultation and first treatment. I am overjoyed down to my inner core that I decided to reach out to Dr. Charmaine Quijano for Teresa’s care. As I sat by during the treatment, Dr Charmaine’s expertise and caring ways became evident and Teresa’s response during the treatment was “you have golden hands.” (Larry and Teresa)


“When I first found Charmaine I had suffered through four years of chest numbing myofascial pain. After months of work with her I was able to function normally and my pain was under control – a feat that numerous doctors and expensive high tech tests had failed to do. She literally changed my life. I have known her for years and during all that time she has been a beacon of wellness offering advice and treatment not just for my chest pain but on other areas of my physical health. After every session I leave feeling better and more relaxed. She is a good-natured caring person with a truly magical touch. I cannot recommend her more highly.” (Virginia W.)

“As a clinician myself, I am quite picky about who I choose to work on me. Charmaine is not only one of the most genuinely caring individuals I have ever known, she is a truly gifted, smart, and incredible physical therapist who has helped me a several times across the years! She is THE one I recommend to my family and loved ones!” (CKC)