Ariana Mullins Bodywork

Ariana Mullins, LMT

Profession: Massage Therapist



Calle Oceano Atlantico
El Puerto de Santa Maria

Completed IBH Courses

Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body


I found Ariana as a referral during my second pregnancy. While my first pregnancy went rather smoothly–my second came with a lot of pain and discomfort. After one session with Ariana the sharp pain I was feeling in my pelvis was totally alleviated. I had been dealing with it for 7 months and couldn’t believe I had waited that long for treatment. I saw Ariana at least one other time for help getting my body ready for labor and delivery, and the result was a two and a half hours labor from first contraction to baby in my arms. I will say that not only did I feel better physically during pregnancy but my smooth delivery really reaffirmed my belief in CranioSacral Therapy.
— Anna Fox, Rota, Spain